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Little fires everywhere

  • By: 
    Dave Link
  • February 24, 2021
Little fires everywhere

"Stop what you're doing and come to this meeting ASAP."

It's that frantic moment that's become all too familiar for so many. What you thought would be a productive day suddenly has turned into a same-day meeting. We call them fire-drills. 

Building a career inside Customer Success has taught me quite a few things, but nothing more pronounced than when something goes wrong, nothing else matters. Er, does it?

Fire-drills happen for many different reasons ranging from an HR nightmare to a surprise termination, a massive product issue to a pissed off customer, or my personal favorite, someone who forgot to add you to the meeting or is terrible at planning. They all, however, have the same result—massive context switching. Depending on your role, this can be fatal to the productivity of your day.

What's even more dramatic is the amount of bloat these fire-drills can cause. We all know meetings aren't effective. Most businesses can't tell you how many meetings they have or why they have them. It's a long shot that the fire-drills are productive. 

It's one thing to have a productive use of someone's time in a context switching situation; it's entirely another to have it be unproductive. 

There are two things all managers should understand:

  1. Where these fire-drills are happening, and
  2. What is their effectiveness

We all know it takes time to achieve results, and posting results is the basis of achieving goals. But, very few of us achieve our goals. Resultably helps you understand a critical leading indicator of success by analyzing the amount of context switching occurring inside your business. By identifying where these fires burn and how they trend, you can better manage and understand your business.

It's a massive undertaking to try and drive signal against the mountains of metadata that tell this story. That's why we built Resultably to give you these answers in minutes. We're here to help.

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