Time is money,
understand time.

Resultably helps managers grow efficiency without growing headcount. Get more done by listening to your team and start understanding time.

Go from unknown to all-knowing


We integrate your communication stack and leverage machine learning to get smart about your business.


With one click, you can instantly see the state of efficiency inside your business trending over time.


Leverage our insights to drive measurable change and remove cost centers from your business.

Immediately understand time as money

Internal meetings are the largest expense you aren't tracking

  • Filter across your company at every level
  • Report on everyone rolling into you
  • Understand trending performance

Find fires and understand when they burn

Understand same-day meetings and figure out where you need to care

  • Understand the impact of context switching across your entire organization from fire-drills
  • Identify trends inside the business that cause same-day meetings
  • Create alerts to monitor and address fire-drills at every level of your company

Use feedback and improve efficiency

Leverage Slack to create psychologically safe feedback loops

  • Anonymously ask the questions that matter
  • Throttle feedback to not overwhelm folks already stressed out by too many meetings
  • Take action based on the analysis Resultably provides

Goals are Great.
Results are Better.


Requests come from everywhere in your business. Start understanding where your teams are spending time and where communication is breaking down.


What makes a top performer a top performer? How are they using their time differently than their peers?


Who are the super connectors in your business? You know, the ones who are the social heartbeat and culture champions of your company. The bigger your business, the tougher they are to identify... until now!

Understand the things that matter

"We have been blown away by the number of applications for this data"
- Gabriela McManus SVP, People @ Drizly

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